my attempt at blending the arts I cherish

seasons of my heart.

this may end up being incredibly lengthy…

it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything and I don’t especially enjoy keeping my feelings and thoughts bottled up as experiences pass by unrecorded.

first of all, it’s summer, if you didn’t know. school’s out and camp’s in. and all the friends are off doing summer things. and I miss them, yet i know they are where they’re supposed to be. a woman once said that because of how big my heart was, no matter what, I’d always be missing someone…she was right. I have been missing a multitude of people for the past couple of weeks and sometimes the ache lightens and sometimes it worsens. but there’s nothing i can do to fix it, only the passage of time can heal that smarting scratch known as long distance friendships.

Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle
Everything I do is stitched with its color.
~W.S. Merwin

i miss __________

and so many others// anna, cliners, abigail ruth, alex, jesse, stephen, audrey, phoebe, ellen, mrs. L, austin douglas, donnie, sam, and way more than i can count or name. but you know what? the Lord knows my heart and he is blessing me with new, beautiful friends even as i miss the dear, old ones.

cue the cheesy video//meet summer staff 2011:

Da gurls–ariel, karibou, wilson, millie, scout, syd, dixie, chief, ms. frizzell, maverick, nat-a-tat.

Da bois–buttercup, papa bear, K-nack, stonewall, winston, rufio, hitMONlee, fwiend.

dang, it’s going to be an INCREDIBLE summer, i cannot wait to see what the Lord will unpack with this team. so far training week was grueling, sweltering, stretching, bonding, and really just so hard that you wanted to cry and smile and laugh all in one beautiful moment. these new kids that i’m able to flourish and share life with are such a precious gift. the way that we have meshed together so quickly and so seamlessly can only be contributed to our Father, the weaver of hearts!

mmm, a toast to the summer…

 selfless servants, i challenge you to run this like a marathon,

a faithful, enduring race. press on, press through.

rely not on yourself, but on the One who knows the plan.

when you falter, we, your family, promise to be ready to scoop you up and hold you tight.

to the summer, may it be full of new growth, beautiful things, and touched lives.


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