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secret snapshots

i have gone most of the summer without taking a single picture capturing those fleeting moments that are constantly calling out to be forever caught. this has greatly angered the artist within. i so want to be able to:

*click* take a picture of a girl crouching down and intensely searching for crawdads in the creek.

or *click* the giant grin that greets me at the top of the water slide tower as a boy has returned for the 12th time this hour.

or *click* how the sunlight filters through the layers of leaves and tent covering to create shadows of such unique design.

or *click* little hands being held by bigger ones.  

or *click* squealing eight year olds being soaked to the skin during intense water games.

or *click* three little ladies building sand ‘castles’ on the volleyball court.

or *click* the sweaty, satisfied face of the child who has just conquered the vast climbing tower.

or *click* my fellow staffers sharing a hardy laugh over something ridiculous.

or *click* the colorful, shining faces of my children on face-painting day: lines, squiggles, curls, mustaches, tigers, butterflies.

or *click* a little, dark-headed girl popping up in the back of an almost empty bus.

or *click* a sleepy one slumped over in his seat silently calling out to be loved.

or *click* the brilliantly handsome sunset after the storm.

or *click* a defeated look flashing across one of my dear co-workers’ face.

or *click* a tiny spot of emerald moss nestled in the crook of a root. 

but this, this is all i have to show for my summer. i cannot bring you loads of pictures or recordings of screams and laughter or eternal smiles that i can pull out later for a rainy day or any sort of tangible, visible evidence of how my summer adventures have come and gone. this hurts me…for i so love to remember and pictures have always aided me to do so. but of course, our Father is good to me even when i know He doesn’t have to be. my job for the very last week of camp is to be the photographer. (smile) He sure has a sense of humor and a great love for me. one more week, beloved, and He’s blessing you again.

finish strong.


One comment on “secret snapshots

  1. Liz
    July 31, 2011

    Excited about you are taking photos this week!! I LOVE your insight, observations, and amazingly descriptive writing! Such visuals for me! Thank you for capturing these images of camp in writing!

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