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and the world turned…

it’s only been six days since camp came to an end and my summer family packed up their belongings and went their separate ways. at this very moment i’m trying to come up with a way to encapsulate the whole summer in my mind and it’s not working…

firstly, i cannot believe that it has already come and gone. and that school will again resume as normal in a matter of weeks. but secondly, oh, what a summer it was! full of beauty, struggle, challenge, perseverance, joy, pain, exhaustion, love, lessons and understanding, tears, reliance, and growth. thirdly, i’ve missed this family of mine so much since they’ve left. it’s quite strange to go from living with twenty other people for three months, to all of sudden waking up and finding they’re not around anymore. some are in Missouri, Illinois, or South Carolina. others are closer, but not nearly close enough. yet, this year i’m not falling apart without them here… there’s a hole where they used to be, but i think the Lord’s showing me how to hold onto things a little more gently. we’ll see… thank you dear ones, for loving me well, causing me some pain in the name of fun, making me laugh allll the time, encouraging me on, showing me the path, and for simply being there, even when you didn’t want to be.

and the world turned.

some of my girls that i’ve watched grow up from sprouts are going to be freshmen in college in just a few weeks! i cannot believe it. i also am at a loss for words, but not emotions, that a year has passed since i set out to union university to take a whack at collegiate life. one semester later, i was back home wondering what on earth had gone wrong, but then quickly accepting that God had a bigger, different plan for this girl. so, it’s back to community college for me! i’m not rushing through and i’m not going to worry about the future. the Lord is growing me quietly and gently, but i’m beginning, more and more, to trust his sovereign course that he laid out for me before the foundations of the earth were even set.

and the world turned.

the seasons are getting ready to change again. and my heart is leaping with the coming of fall so close now! i love season changes… it’s as if the world around you yawns a little and half wakes from the nap it’s been having. she looks about the room and realizes that now is the time to drop what she’s been wearing and pick up something new… for there’s quite the event coming soon, and she must be ready for her debut. and before you know, the hours, days, weeks, and months have flown by in a blink and ah. there. she’s transformed herself. again and again and again and again…

and the world turned.

and as this beautiful, fallen place continues to spin on its axis, everything in it’s time will continue on with it. as is the way of life. i think for the first time i’m understanding change and how i must step out into the “alongside” to view my life… and see the bigger picture, to not fret, to trust, and to always pursue growth in/with The King of Glory.

and the world turned…


2 comments on “and the world turned…

  1. Julia
    August 10, 2011

    You have a very beautiful heart, Miss Ahnna Reyes.

  2. Lacey
    August 11, 2011

    oh, how i miss you and the lovely person that you are. thanks for growing with me this summer.. i love you deeply.

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