my attempt at blending the arts I cherish

blessings come in twos.

once upon a time, i lived in the town of Jackson. i went to school and made some friends. but there were two girls that i really wanted to know. they sat in the front of our photojournalism class every week. both made art with such character, such great use of lighting, and such distinction. i was inspired.

one was named Kathleen, the other Kathryn.

they always came to class together, one in mostly brights and the other in mostly neutrals. Kathleen always looked happy and a little too mischievous. Kathryn was quieter with a warm smile and friendly eyes. i never found the courage to simply introduce myself and put forth effort to being a friend… but God knew that i needed them. so, on the night of september 24th i was alone on a friday night talking to my mother over the phone. as we talked we both sent up a prayer asking the Lord for dear, kindred friends at school. not but five minutes pass when there’s a knock at my door. i swung the door wide, and behold… the admired ones and three other lovelies are standing on my porch. i whispered to mother “i’ll call you back!” and they all piled into my tiny little room. the funny thing is they were searching for my roommate and completely unaware that i even lived there. but immediately, i love them. Kathleen did ink drawings with my pen, Kathryn wrote me a precious note on my laptop and made a video for Dani, while Ellen and i revelled over The Little Prince together. the next morning we went on a grand adventure with a gaggle of our friends: the farmer’s market, a few treats, some instruments,  and a secluded, wild flower littered forest. and from that day forth… well, you know the rest.

they’ve been such an immense blessing in my life. so many times i’ve said that if i went to union for a single semester for the lone reason of meeting these two, then it was worth it. we live so many miles apart at any given day of the year, but this seems like nothing compared to how close our hearts continue to be.

once upon a time, i worked at a summer camp. i could not wait to meet the new staffers and welcome them into the summer family. but the Lord has a sense of humor, for you see there were two lovely girls that applied and were given a position on our staff.

one was named Kathleen, the other Kathryn.

one has bright red hair, wears loads of tie-dye, owns this funny hat called a cap-sac, and is really hilarious. the other has dark brown, curly hair, works super hard, is very thoughtful, and doesn’t like spiders. i knew from the minute i met kathleen that we were going to be really close… and i knew this, but didn’t want to scare her off with my loud friendship. soon we hit it off and have been acting exactly like twin sisters ever since then… we fight, we dance, we laugh, we cry (only sometimes), we talk about everything, we know each other’s lives, we sing, we scream, we are disney princesses, etc. kathryn and i took a little slower pace to becoming friends… i can’t remember if it truly started with a great conversation we had during a bonfire or if it was the day of the storm. that particular day it poured and we “happened” to be exposed to the elements as we helped tear down the high ropes course. and when we finished our work we ambled down the mountain through the heavy showers. at one point i peered over at her as rain drops bleared my eyes and we simply smiled at one another. anytime it becomes remotely close to storming nowadays, i cannot help but think of her.

so, that’s my story. the Lord knows that sometimes in my life i simply need a kathryn and kathleen. now those times overlap one another and i miss all four of them greatly. still, i’m humbly thankful for the changes they have made in my heart and that our Father knew how much we needed each other.


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