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The Way It Is

“Notes for the Program”

“Just the ordinary days, please.
I wouldn’t want them any better.

About the pace of life, it seems best to have
slow, if-i-can-stand-them revelations.

And take this message about the inevitable:
I’ve decided it’s all right if it comes.”

William Stafford

it’s fall again, and i’m adoring that it is so. with the season comes two things that are specific to this time of year… poetry and my birthday. i’ve been exposed to a new poet-man this fall, and his name is William Stafford. i’m beginning to wonder as i flip through the cream pages of his book what it would be like to go one’s whole life and not know his words. Stafford’s poetry is “a thing of beauty,” and  i cannot get enough of him. i’m glad to have met him. if you have a chance buy his book of poems titled The Way It Is

as for the second, my birthday has come and gone, and i don’t feel a whit older. but that’s most likely because prior to this particular twentieth birthday, i have felt the growth of a woman well up within me more and more each day. it’s quite a thing to grow up and continually throw off the garb of child and dreamer. it’s painful and tiring, but lovely, rewarding, and full of understanding. i’m not claiming that i’m full grown and oh-so-full of maturity… but it’s just a quiet coming of age in a way. as to Stafford’s poem “Notes for the Program,” he captures how i would summarize my twenty-odd years with such simplicity and grace. when i can’t say exactly what i wish, it’s a relief to know that someone else can say it for me and that i can reiterate their words while attaching my own sentiments to them. 

my notes on this program in a rather less poetic form:

attempt to live fully right where you are

carry your home around in your heart and soul

offer genuine thanksgiving to our tender Father every day, even when you feel as if you can’t

hold your blessings loosely in your hands, they’re just temporary and undeserved

realize your shortcomings and actually learn from them



love unselfishly.


2 comments on “The Way It Is

  1. AJ Barlow
    November 29, 2011

    I love the Fall…such a great time of year. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  2. Mary Alisa
    December 1, 2011

    Yeah. “Lovely, rewarding, and full of understanding.” That’s you. Really beautiful, Ahnna.

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