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Beautiful Bravery

— a mid-afternoon breeze finds me working the zip-line tower during lake time. I lift my chin to it and thank the Father for a small respite of shade in this oppressive heat, when a tiny member of the Pink group quietly makes his way over to me. despite the smallness of his limbs, his great eyes are swimming with feeling. as I greet him, he climbs the step ladder next to my legs and sucks in a shaky breath.

“is this your first time on the zip-line, bud?” I ask. he nods. his name is Jay.

I then proceeded to walk him through the process and precautions, but as I did he began to tremble, his face pinkened, and his tears quickly found their place on his cheeks. my arm tightened around his chest and I gently assured him that he did not have to go through with this feat. but between breathless sobs he explained his predicament:

“i… really want… to face my… fears. and… a promise… is a… promise. and I made… a promise.”

ah, behold such honesty and integrity! my heart puddled at his beautiful bravery. here before me was a boy, just newly six years old, with courage and vulnerability that resembled men three and four times his age. his character struck me as my eyes watched tears continue to course down his face only to be hastily wiped by his up-stretched arms, then to his eyes flitting from mine to the green waters long below, and finally to the determination that sat over his brow. I whispered to him of my own fear of heights and he nodded in quiet understanding. and then with steadfast boldness and tears still falling, he began to count:


his scrawny legs carried him off the platform and off into the open air. I held my breath as he released his hands from the ropes and dropped down to the waiting water. when his head resurfaced, I clapped and yelled like mad to show my joy and support.

if we could show such heroism in our everyday lives as Jay presented, what a world we might have on our hands. go, and be brave, little children.


4 comments on “Beautiful Bravery

  1. Amy
    July 30, 2012

    I love you miss Ahnna!!

  2. oct17
    July 31, 2012

    Ooh, Ahnna, how beautiful! I felt, I saw, I know!! Love you to the highest zip line and down!!

  3. sketchbookthought
    August 6, 2012

    Love you Amy and Gram! thanks for taking a minute to read.

  4. laurengracie
    August 6, 2012

    Ahnna, this is so beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. :*) Sometimes the smallest moments are the ones that change us. Thank you for taking the time to live in these moments and to share them with the rest of us!

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